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samantha's testimony

Samantha was inspired to write and sing praise and worship songs to God by His saving grace, and as she has reflected upon her life thus far, Samantha has seen God’s works on display.

Samantha was born with a retinal condition, leaving her totally blind.  However, at around her first birthday, Samantha began to see—being blessed with partial vision in her left eye which allowed her to learn colors, see her family, and fully enjoy her life as a young child.  She did not have enough vision to read print, so she began learning Braille in kindergarten.  At age eight, Samantha woke up one morning and discovered that her vision had drastically deteriorated overnight.  Examinations showed that the retina in her left eye, (the eye in which she had her vision), was detaching from her eye, and an operation was performed immediately in hopes that swift actions would prevent the retina from detaching any further. However, the operation was not successful, and Samantha lost all of the vision that she had enjoyed for the first eight years of her life.  As time went on, Samantha’s family moved into a new house, and shortly after that move, Samantha found herself in both a new school and a new church.  It was only a few short years later, (in the summer of 2000), that Samantha gave her life over to Christ during a Christian music festival with her youth group.  Since that time, Samantha has been pursuing Christ, music, and writing and, in 2008, after attending a Christian conference in which many things became more clear to her, Samantha began writing praise and worship music in earnest.  She has always enjoyed music and writing, but she never dreamed that God would grant her two marvelous ways through which to not only share her personal story of faith, but also, to honor and glorify God through praise and worship music that sets the focus on Christ, and Christ alone.

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